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Reach & Impressions

This is the 7 day statistic of a fashion brand that we’re currently working on. They have about 20k followers but as you can see, the Impressions are way over 4.5M. And all of these statistics are from Tier 1 countries like the US, UK, Germany & Australia.

30-day Growth

Here we’re looking at the insights of a food blogger whose account was stagnant since the start of the year. Since May we’ve been implementing every trick in the book to get this account to grow and now, over 60 days later she’s growing over 20k+ every month.

Virality & Explosive Results

This is one of the very many posts of a real estate company based in LA. They had just 2000 followers when we started out, now they’re way over 50k and have most posts averaging in 100k+ reach and impressions.

E-commerce Sales

This is a store we’ve been working on since February with a client who had trouble generating consistent sales. After a few days of testing and research, we’ve managed to amp up their brand conversion rate to an optimal 3% on their best sale days. This is all organic and not a single dollar was spent on ads. Plus, the strategies we use can be scaled by yourself after the initial push. We guarantee you on that.

Website Visitors

If you’re looking to scale up your visitors, you definitely need to see this. These are the statistics of a self-help brand who were looking to increase the number of visitors coming to their blogging section. They’re hosted on Shopify, and have a ton of merchandise that needed exposure. We started in November and now we’re already hitting that 100k milestone. Consistent content creation is key.

Improved Conversion Rate

Here you can see one of the sale days of a sneaker company. And lemme tell you guys, Website UI is a key factor when it comes to improving conversion rate. Our primary focus when it comes to site optimization is to have a high number of conversion factors like clear CTA’s & minimal distractions. A simple & straightforward checkout process works best